Letter to the steering committee


The first workshops are approaching and it’s now a good time to inform all of you on our plans and possible schedule changes.

Dates of Tallinn workshop have changed. The new dates are 14.–16.3.2013.

The theme will be comics and short films and the main subject cultural heritage/generations/forgotten works. Participants will be history teachers and youth workers.

The programme of the Tallinn workshop can be found on our website offtherecords.metropolia.fi.

Based on meetings and discussions with partners (see offtherecords.metropolia.fi > past meetings) we have planned that the main focus and target group of each workshop will be on national level, i.e. participants will come from the organizing country of each workshop.

In addition, there will be 1–3 key persons from each partner country. The key persons will participate in all three workshops (Tallinn, Stockholm, Helsinki) and/or document and monitor the workshop activities.

There will also be a researcher who will research the activities by observing, asking questions and interviewing all participants in every workshop. The questions have been made by project staff and researchers from University of Helsinki, University of Tampere, University of Latvia and the Finnish Youth Research Society. The questionnaire will be published on the Off-the-Records website.

The key persons from Finland are Kaisa Kettunen (Annantalo) and Annakaisa Partanen (Metropolia). The key persons from Sweden are Petra Howards (Kulturskolan) and Errol Tinwandi (Studiefrämjandet). Reasearcher will be Aleksandrs Aleksandrovs from University of Latvia.

More key persons to be announced.

Don’t forget to visit our website offtherecords.metropolia.fi. There will be the latest information about the project.

NB! The next steering committee meeting will be 21.3.2013 in Baltic Film and Media School, Tallinn at 12.00–16.00 (The date changed!).

The first results of questionnaires, edited documentation and completed works from the Tallinn workshop will be available in the meeting.

The project will organize a one day trip to Tallinn on 21.3.2013 for steering committee members coming from Helsinki. The ferry will be Eckerö Line Finlandia, at 9.15–11.45 HEL–TAL and 17.15–19.45 TAL–HEL. Please confirm your participation to A-V (antti-veikko.salo@metropolia.fi), not later than 5.3.

Journeys for people coming from Sweden and Latvia will also be organized by the project.

Best wishes,

Leena Louhivuori
Antti-Veikko Salo
Katrin Kuusik

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