Online Steering Committee Meeting 28.8–4.9.2013

The steering committee meeting is closed. Thanks to all steering committee members! A memo will be published on this website soon.

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You can visit the virtual steering committee meeting for one week. For your comments, there is a individual page for each section of the steering committee agenda (see Agenda navigation on the right side of the page).

The virtual steering committee meeting will start on 28.8.2013 at 14.00 on the Off-the-Records website.
The meeting will be open from 28.8. until 4.9.2013

NB! We have just (4.9.) heard from Ministry of Employment and Economy and Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment that there are no funds left for this specific programme and project continuation can’t be applied.

The agenda cannot be changed anymore, but you can ignore the 7th section.

To comment you need to fill in your full name and email. You can also register to the site here. So you don’t need to write them with every comment.


  1. Matti Rantala
    8.9.2013 at 8.54 ·

    Present, but late. I was out of counry and office and now back again

  2. 4.9.2013 at 17.38 ·

    Finally present.

  3. Elena Natale
    4.9.2013 at 13.02 ·


  4. Saila Linnahalme
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  5. IlonaRannala
    3.9.2013 at 9.41 ·


  6. Jocke
    2.9.2013 at 17.27 ·


  7. Eva Darell
    2.9.2013 at 15.59 ·

    I am present!

  8. tlaitio
    2.9.2013 at 14.03 ·

    I am present.

  9. 30.8.2013 at 10.52 ·

    Hi All,
    I´m present

  10. Aleksandrs Aleksandrovs
    28.8.2013 at 16.55 ·


  11. Annakaisa Partanen
    28.8.2013 at 15.06 ·


  12. Leena Louhivuori
    28.8.2013 at 14.09 ·


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  14. Markku Tähtinen
    28.8.2013 at 13.55 ·

    I’m present.