4. The final seminar 28.11.2013

The final seminar of Off-the Records project will be arranged on 28.11.2013 at 10.00-18.00 in Annantalo, Helsinki. Participants will be invited. The seminar is for max. 60 persons.Key speeches from Stockholm, Tallinn and Helsinki. Keynote speakers: Tomi Kiilakoski Ph.D., Finland and Aleksandrs Aleksandrovs, University of Latvia

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(researcher of the Off-the-Records project).  Deputy Mayor Ritva Viljanen will open the seminar and hosts an evening reception for participants at the city hall.

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  1. Matti Rantala
    8.9.2013 at 9.00 ·

    I hope that the names of the speakers from Stockholm and Tallinn can be announced asap

  2. jari maenpaa
    4.9.2013 at 11.32 ·


  3. Saila Linnahalme
    4.9.2013 at 10.06 ·


  4. 3.9.2013 at 13.38 ·

    Sounds good!

  5. IlonaRannala
    3.9.2013 at 9.43 ·

    Someone from Tallinn is also speaking? Katrin Saks may be? IR

  6. Eva Darell
    2.9.2013 at 15.41 ·

    I have a question for better planning the final seminar:
    1. How many from Kulturskolan do you expect to come? and whom? (E.g. one of the heads, one key teacher and myself?) Or just me?
    /Eva D