7. Possible project continuation application

There might open a possibility to apply project continuation funding for 2014. Should we apply for it?

Please approve or oppose and leave a comment when necessary. Write your initials in the end of your comment.

NB! We have just (4.9.) heard from Ministry of Employment and Economy and Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment that there are no funds left for this specific programme and project continuation can’t be applied.

The agenda cannot be changed anymore, but you can ignore the 7th section.


  1. Annakaisa Partanen
    4.9.2013 at 10.57 ·

    I´d like to discuss about the project plan but in general, let´s go for it! I think Matti Rantala / Anna-Maria Vilkuna should also comment on this on the behalf of Metropolia.

  2. Saila Linnahalme
    4.9.2013 at 10.11 ·

    Great project – many reasons to continue!

  3. 3.9.2013 at 13.41 ·

    If we are satisfied with the results, why not to continue. Project seems to be very successful.

  4. IlonaRannala
    3.9.2013 at 9.45 ·

    All in all idea is good, but at this point I cannot promise how much and how Tallinn Sports and Youth Department will be involved

  5. Jocke
    2.9.2013 at 17.33 ·

    If Studiefrämjandet is going to continue in the project, it is important for me that more people and managers in my organization get involved. Hopefully that will work out fine and I will prepare my organization in the autumn.

  6. Eva Darell
    2.9.2013 at 15.48 ·

    Kulturskolan approves.
    Leena mentioned this opportunity, during the last workshop in Helsinki, that we could apply for a project continuation, and we at Kulturskolan think this would be a great idea. This will give us more time for the grand application, as the new program period 2014-202 is not open yet and we dont know eactly the different possibilites. We will also have better time for the details, budget etc. in the application.
    /Eva D