9. Next steering committee meeting

The next steering committee meeting can be arranged in Helsinki on 28.11.2013 (the same day as the final seminar), on the next day 29.11.2013 or as a virtual meeting (date open).

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Please leave a comment about the way of realization of the meeting and possible dates. Write your initials in the end of your comment.


  1. Matti Rantala
    8.9.2013 at 9.14 ·

    Maybe the final seminar can be done starting around 13.00 and till 16.00 (17.00) and in that case Steering Group can have the meeting before lunch.

  2. Elena Natale
    4.9.2013 at 13.07 ·

    Agree, lets do both meetings the 28th

  3. jari maenpaa
    4.9.2013 at 11.37 ·

    same day, if it´s possible.

  4. Annakaisa Partanen
    4.9.2013 at 11.00 ·

    I think that seminar plus committee on the same date is too much. 29th (noon) is better and preferably a real face-to-face meeting.

  5. Saila Linnahalme
    4.9.2013 at 10.15 ·

    28th November!

  6. 3.9.2013 at 13.43 ·

    It would be good to have that same day 28th November.

  7. IlonaRannala
    3.9.2013 at 9.45 ·

    Reasonable to have it at the same time. IR

  8. Jocke
    2.9.2013 at 17.34 ·

    Since this meeting is virtual, maybe it is better to have a physical meeting on the 28.11?