10.30–11.15 Keynote speaker, Tomi Kiilakoski

Tomi Kiilakoski, PhD, researcher
Experiences on informal learning


Tomi Kiilakoski: Experiences on Informal Learning


  1. 28.11.2013 at 11.25 ·

    Dangerous learning and schools accepting violence got me puzzled. But I don’t know how to formulate a question about it.

  2. Kaisa
    28.11.2013 at 11.23 ·

    How is technology used in schools to encourage informal learning? Not too well yet in my experience. Are we afraid of learning or technology? Or both of them in hands of the young?

  3. Eva Darell
    28.11.2013 at 11.14 ·

    About motivation, my thoughts go to a really great book about motivation, “Myten om moroten” by Stefan Boethius and Martin Ehdin. I don’t know if it’s translated to English yet, so it’s probably only in Swedish. But if you haven’t read it, do it, I recommend it:)

  4. Eva Darell
    28.11.2013 at 10.46 ·

    To much text about non-formal learning makes me feel very formal …

  5. A-V
    28.11.2013 at 10.36 ·

    Muhammed Ali is still alive