11.30–12.30 Art and informal learning

Katrin Saks, director, Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School

Veiko Tammjärv, Head of the Open Academy, Estonian Academy of Arts

Jouko Aaltonen, DA, researcher, Aalto University, Department of Film, TV and Scenography
Teaching documentary film making

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One minute lecture (presentation of Katrin Saks):

Amnesia (presentation of Katrin Saks):

Jouko Aaltonen: Taistelu Turusta – Battle for the City (trailer):


Katrin Saks: Baltic Film and Media School


  1. 28.11.2013 at 12.59 ·

    What does the autocorrect function want to write when writing “youth” on iPad?

  2. A-V
    28.11.2013 at 12.30 ·

    Very interesting film, I’ve seen it in cinema and there was also a discussion after screening, Jouko was there too and some other experts (city planning etc.)

  3. 28.11.2013 at 12.28 ·

    I want to see…

  4. 28.11.2013 at 12.27 ·

    I went to see the films made by the creative police!

  5. Eva Darell
    28.11.2013 at 12.16 ·

    I liked the ” one minute lecture” concept! Because then you have to be very precise and concrete with how and what to do it.