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Off-the-Records is Metropolia University of Applied Sciences’ self reflection essay example international project funded by European Social Fund. The project’s goal is to gather non-formal learning practices from Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn, Riga, Berlin and Rome. The practices will be developed and evaluated on digital skills workshops, which use non-formal and working skills learning methods. The workshops will be held in Helsinki, Tallinn and Stockholm, in co-operation with project’s international partners. All project activities will be monitored, documented and evaluated, to build a model for non-formal learning through working skills workshops. In the end of the project there will be a final seminar, where results and outcomes will be presented, discussed and disseminated.“The switch to digital technologies, globalisation and evolving consumer behaviour are among the challenges facing the industry today. Helping out makes sense at a time when Europe is in the midst of an economic crisis. Up to 8.5 million people work in the creative hkwriters sector, which includes architecture, artistic crafts, cultural heritage, design, festivals, fashion, film, music, performing and visual arts, libraries, publishing, radio and television. They account for up to 4.5% of the EU’s GDP and make a significant contribution to other industries, where innovation is increasingly driven by creativity and design.” News from Cimo 26.9.2012

The production and distribution of information, as well as the way it is learnt and taught, are transforming; learning is becoming technology-transmitted and should be analysed on an individual, group and organisational level. Lifelong learning is not only a possibility but also a necessity. The practices of non-formal and on-the-job learning are used daily in the cultural and creative industries. Developing technology changes the methods of learning and partially blurs the field of formal learning and its interfaces Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is aiming to merge the models of non-formal and lifelong learning in its curriculum and degree programmes.

ESF project of Helsinki City called Fair Wind will be the basis for the Off-the-Records project. Same basis will be Metropolia University of Applied Sciences’ projects Medios, Reititin and Vyyhti and, all funded by ESF. The purpose of Fair Wind Project has been to educate Helsinki City Youth Department’s workers in digital skills, using the models of non-formal and co-learning. The skills in question included e.g. photography, photo manipulation, graphic design, video recording and editing, website management and content creation and the use of social media. These skills have become essential tools for daily work, but many workers lack the time or the opportunity to develop their digital proficiency.


PROJECT BUDGET (2012–2013)

Materials 3620 €
Staff 90 480 €
Services 34 000 €
Travel 9500 €
Other expenses 4400 €
Total 142 000 €

Average budget for each workshop is 8000 €, including all material, staff and travel costs.

Incomes / Funding

European Social Fund 102 000 €
City of Helsinki 40 000 €
Total 142 000 €