Steering committee in Tallinn 21.3.2013

Steering Committee meeting 3 in Tallinn 21.3.2013 at 12 pm
Baltic Film and Media School
Narva maantee 27, Nova house, Filmipaviljon



Present: Matti Rantala (chair), Annakaisa Partanen, Jari Mäenpää, Leenu Juurola, Jouko Aaltonen, Johan Kellokumpu, Eva Daréll, Katrin Saks, Ilona-Evelyn Rannala, Leena Louhivuori, Antti-Veikko Salo, Katrin Kuusik, Markku Tähtinen, Aleksandrs Aleksandrovs, Irene Alsti-Lehtonen


  1. Opening of the meeting
    – Steering commitee meeting was started by watching some films from Tallinn workshop
    – Chairman opened the meeting at 12.35
  2. Confirming of the agenda
    – Steering committee confirmed the agenda
  3. Presentation of website (presented by Antti-Veikko Salo)
    – Antti Veikko Salo presented the project website and Facebook page.
    – Discussion: Chairman started discussion about the websites – he thinks that the website is non-userfriendly and ”horrible”. Some steering committee members agreed and some disagreed
    – Some development for the site is needed – this is also one of the aims of the project. A working group will start testing and developing  the site – first version will be completed during the April
  4. Presentation of the project schedule and budget (project activities are realized according the schedule and the budget has been realized as planned). (presented by Leena Louhivuori, on behalf of Tarja Häkkinen)
    – Leena Louhivuori made a presentation of the budget and activities (budget situation 18.3.2013)
    – Budget consists contribution money from European social Fund 102 000 euros and 40 000 euros from Helsinki City Administration
    – Travel costs’ situation is 50% of the budgeted – there has been a discussion with the ESF financier and it’s possible to make a budget change application to increase the travel budget and decrease some other budgeted costs.
  5. Presentation of the workshop in Tallinn 14.–16.3.2013
    – Presentation of the workshop activities (BFM, Estonian Academy of Arts) (presenetd by Katrin Kuusik).
    – Katrin Kuusin presented briefly the methods and contents of Tallinn workshop. The content of the first day was comics and the content of the second and third day was short film and using the comics as scripts and story boards. All the productions are published on Off-the-Records website.
    – Presentation of the first Tallinn survey results and evaluation of the workshop: participants, documentation, evaluation methods and results. Aleksandrs Aleksandrovs presented briefly the first results of the research. Until now 19 participants of 26 have given their answers. Generally the participants were pleased on the workshop. Some more special notes below:
    – About expectations: training for using computer applications (video editing etc.)
    – About content: wanted formal education and the other hand instructed nonformal. Too short time. Too much knowledge in short time. More knowledge about copyrights.
    – About time: too short time. 3 days needed only for making short films. Lots of information. More knowledge of non-formal part of workshop and more knowledge of group working. Participants wanted more international team work, levels. More learning practices. Stockholm group was missing a common introduction of workshop. Participants needed more information what does the non-formal learning mean.
    – Chairman collected advices for the next workshop: clear introductions, clear methods and group dynamic, what is nonformal in the workshop, learning practices, meaning of reflection as tool of learning.
    – All documentation, products, survey and follow-up will be published on the Off-the-Records website at latest 15.4.
  6. Preliminary plans for Stockholm workshop 11.–14.6.2013 to be presented to the steering committee (presented by Eva Daréll and Johan Kellokumpu)
    – Eva and Jocke introduced Stockholm workshops. Proposition for programme will be soon available on the Off-the-Records website.
    – There will be 15 local participants, 3 + 1 participants from Estonia, 4 + 2 from Finland and researcher Aleks from Latvia. All the participants will be confirmed during the April.
    – Swedish organizers made a wish that all participants were present at the whole workhsop (from Tuesday morning to Friday evening).
  7. Preliminary plans for Helsinki workshop 19.–21.8.2013 to be presented to the steering committee (presented by Antti-Veikko Salo)
    – Content of Helsinki workshop is digital storytelling using mobile devices (tablets, smart phones). The workshop will consist of a introduction day (10.6. afternoon), 2 working days (19.–20.8.) and one evaluation, feedback and reflection day (21.8.).
    – More information will be on the Off-the-Records website.
  8. The next steering committee meeting (presented by Leena Louhivuori)
    – Next steering committee will be in Helsinki 28.8.2013 at 10.30–14.00. Place to be announced.
    – The last meeting will be held in January 2014. Place and date TBA.
  9. Date of the final seminar to be decided. Proposition: 28.11.2013 (presented by Leena Louhivuori)
    – Final seminar will be held 28.11.2013 at 10.00–18.00. Place to be announced.
  10. Other forecoming issues
    – There were no other forecoming issues
  11. Closing of the meeting
    – Chairman closed steering committee meeting at 15.55 pm.