Meeting of Team Finland 14.1.2013

Present: Kaisa Kettunen, Leenu Juurola, Pekka Punkari, Matti Rantala, Anna-Maria Vilkuna,
Antti-Veikko Salo, Leena Louhivuori, Petri Laakso and Veikko Björk

Off-the-Records workshop in Helsinki

Introduction to digital storytelling 10.6.2013
Location: Annantalo
Subject: conceptual presentation of digital storytelling, possibilities of digital storytelling, mapping of interests (during the introduction day or right after it), pre-tasks for participants. Can be also realized as a web lesson.

Workshop 19.-21.8.2013
Location: Annantalo
Subject: digital storytelling, digitales, mobile devices
2 days of working, 1 day of reflection, experience sharing, feedback and discussion (maybe also after first days).

Target group: employees of museums and cultural centers, who need digital skills in their work; employees of field of culture, who are interested to use digital skills in their work

Participants will be invited to the workshop, each working place will discuss, who can apply / participate and how. The invitation will be written by A-V and Leena. When decided, who will participate, they will apply through a web-based form on Off-the-Records website. The invitation will be sent to the Museum of Technology, Päivälehti Museum, Annantalo and Helsinki City Youth Department (others?).

At the same time as the workshop: Arts and Audiences, Night of the Arts

Participants commit to participate on the introduction day and the workshop. Free of charge for participants.

Most of the workshop expenses consist of leaders’ salaries. Annantalo will offer the premises, just minor material costs.

Possible workshop leaders:
Saija Heinonen
Hanna Mehtonen-Rinne

Evaluation, follow-up and documentation of the workshops
Recognition of none-formal learning and learning models

Methodology for evaluation and follow-up
Expertise by Tomi Kiilakoski and Kristiina Kumpulainen
Similar, sturcturized questions to each workshop
Aleksandrs Aleksandrovs could also be involved in the evaluation process?

Leena and A-V will write a proposal to the steering committee, including discussed subjects (methodology, target groups, schedules)



There will be a new exhibition in November 2013 in Päivälehti Museum
100 years from the birth of Saima  Harmaja and 150 years from the birth of Aino Kallas

Subject will be handled through documentation of their life. Diaries and narration of life stories are in focus. Basis of the exhibition is, how their life stories and narrations can be transformed to the present – level of the present.

Subject could be handled in the digital storytelling workshop. Digitales could be a part of the exhibition in November.

In 2014 the Museum exhibition will be totally re-built. In the new exhibition there could be digital storytelling workshops, where could utilized photo and news archives of the museum; how the personal experiences of the museum visitors and the news encounter.